3 Maumee OH Restaurants You Will Definitely Enjoy

3 Maumee OH Restaurants You Will Definitely Enjoy | Home Health Care Toledo

You’re not far from Toledo when you’re in Maumee, just to give you an idea of where the city is located. Maumee is part of Lucas County, and it is a city that needed the economic revival that came its way in the late 20th century. There are some historic places of interest that any visitor would enjoy, and the following are three top restaurants in Maumee OH that will wine and dine you as you take a look around.
Bangkok Kitchen is #1, and it’s known for delicious Asian and Thai cuisine. Crispy duck, hot and sour soup and pad see ew are three of the menu choices that are quite popular. Bangkok Kitchen’s location is 582 West Dussel Drive, and another thing about the food served up there is that you can expect spicy.
Here’s a quick map you can reference on your drive to Maumee.

Then there is La Fiesta, the best Mexican restaurant in Maumee OH. From what I can tell based on a picture on a top travel site, the salsa dish you get with your chips is enormous. I know that pictures aren’t necessarily scaled, but it’s easily comparable to the size of the chip basket. La Fiesta is located at 1406 Reynolds Road, and the fajitas are a hit there. According to reviews, you get treated like family when you eat at this dining establishment.
Mancy’s Bluewater Grille is on Dussel Drive like Bangkok Kitchen. This steak and seafood restaurant is a hit, and reviewers like the key lime pie and shrimp cocktails. It’s a great place to enjoy a pleasant lunch or even host a dinnertime celebration.
Eat at these three restaurants in Maumee, and you’re going to find yourself smiling. Thai food, seafood, steak and Mexican cuisine are what it’s all about with these picks. Maumme OH has some great restaurants as you can see.
As a bonus we wanted to show you this video on another hidden gem!