There are plenty of things to do in Maumee OH and surrounding Lucas County. Yes, the city has a population of just around 15,000, but the All American City is quite intriguing. The historic places to visit take center stage, and well, you will see. Here are 3 top places of interest that you could visit in Maumee, Ohio.

I like antique shops, don’t you? They are fun to browse because you never know what you’re going to find. They are all different, and I have to admit that not every one I’ve been in was exciting. Yet antiquing is fun, and the Maumee Antique Mall is one of the cool places of interest in Maumee OH. Its location is 1552 Reynolds Road, and the mall is said to be quite huge. If you like antiquing like I do, then reviews say you can expect to spend a couple hours there.

You also won’t want to miss out on the chance to have a delicious pizza from the village idiot on your way to our other two favorite places!

Fallen Timbers Battlefield is one of the historical places of interest to visit in Maumee. This battlefield is all about the American Revolution. In fact, it is supposed to be the battlefield where the last battle took place. There is a nice monument on site there, and both the battlefield and monument are worth a visit if you’re in Maumee OH.

You can also visit the Wolcott House Museum Complex, located at 1035 River Road. There are five buildings there, and you can take a guided tour. Two of the buildings are an old church and schoolhouse. Reviews point to the fact that weddings are still held at the church sometimes.

Here’s a quick map reference of Maumee, Ohio compared to Toledo, Ohio.

There is much more history to discover in Maumee OH. There are also places to visit that are a whole lot of fun. It’s up to you where you go when you’re in the city, but you might want to put these three places on your radar.