Home health aides and nurses provide an invaluable service to the people that they work with. They assist people with their day to day lives and perform essential tasks that allow the person they are working with to maintain their independence and continue living in the wider community.

If you want to become a home health aide then you will need to work via an organization that sends aides to individuals. These organizations perform background checks on all the people that they employ, and ensure that those people are trained to meet the standards required for the care that they are providing. Home health aides may be performing tasks ranging from “doing the shopping and washing up”, to helping to change dressings or administer medication. They do not diagnose or prescribe, but they still need to understand medication, hygiene, and how to perform day to day minor medical tasks.

Individual companies will have their own requirements when it comes to the level of nursing qualification that is required. You will need to have some certification in the field to show that you can perform the required duties. You will also need safeguarding training to work with vulnerable people, whether they are children or adults. That training helps you to identify if the person you are working with may require extra care or attention beyond what your duties require. As someone in the front lines, you are the one who will have the most contact on a day to day basis with any given individual, and therefore you are the one who will have the best opportunities to flag up concerns or issues. Referring someone who needs extra care to the relevant authorities or experts so that they are protected and do not “fall through the net” when it comes to the care they need.