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The Benefits of Crafts for Seniors

Many seniors that live alone find making crafts an enjoyable way to pass the time. Crafting helps to keep the mind sharp and stimulated. Working with crafts that involve using the hands, for example molding polymer clay,  helps to exercise the senior's fingers and hands. Working on crafts reduces depression in some senior citizens.

Study: Ohio’s Elderly Population Expected To Significantly Outpace Medicaid Budget.

According to a study conducted by Miami University’s Scripps Gerontology Center, “the growth in Ohio’s population of older people has significantly outpaced the state’s Medicaid budget supporting them.” Researchers found that “the number of people over 60 who need long-term care is expected to double in 25 years, to 400,000.” In the study, analysts called on Ohio officials to [...]

Facts about Seniors:

Currently people over 65 years number 483 million in the world and by 2030 the number will reach 974 million. By the year 2025 approximately 18% of the world population will be seniors. There are 72 men for every 100 women in the age group ‘above 65 years’ and there are 45 men per 100 women in the [...]

Aging adults are more likely to experience the effects of hot weather than younger adults.

Physically, older adults cannot adjust to significant changes in temperature as can younger adults. Here are some tips for preventing heat-related illnesses: Drink more fluids. It’s very important to keep hydrated. Don’t drink liquids that contain alcohol or large amounts of sugar. Stay indoors and, if possible, stay in an air-conditioned room. Take a cool shower or bath. Wear clothing [...]

Seasonal Allergy Alert

Trees, grass, and ragweed are the main culprits during spring allergy season. To limit the aggravation caused by pollen there are a few things allergy sufferers can do to prevent symptoms. Visit your doctor to find out what kind of pollen you're allergic to. When planning activities pay attention to the pollen and mold counts provided in daily environmental [...]

5 Tips to Save Your Vision

Wear sunglasses – Sunglasses help delay the development of cataracts and prevent retinal damage. They also protect the skin around the eyes. Make sure your sunglasses block 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Don’t smoke – Studies show that current smokers and ex-smokers are more likely to develop age-related macular degeneration (AMD) than people who have never [...]

Don’t forget the elderly this Valentine’s Day!

If an elder is able to get out, take them out to lunch or dinner to celebrate. If the elder is able to eat candy, a small purchase of candy is always a good thought. If long distance is an issue, pick up the phone. Tell the elder they are missed and loved.

CareLink Nursing Services offers transportation

Seniors need to get around and run errands just like everyone else, whether it is a trip to the grocery store, dry cleaners or doctor's office. It can be difficult for some older people to do the things they need and want to get done, often due to vision, hearing or mobility problems. For these seniors, a transportation service [...]

Christmas Gift Ideas For The Elderly:

You will be surprised that a travel package can delight your parents. However, choose one that offers ample amount of rest and more comforts. Places where medical facilities are readily available are better for elders that have heart conditions or other medical problems. Gift a health check instrument to your parents such as instruments to check blood pressure [...]

Tips to enhance your elders’ holidays:

Remind them how important they are as a part of your own celebration and that of the entire family. Be especially careful not to act like what you do for them is a duty. This can be tough, as your tired body language can show through. They may feel useless and burdensome. Remind them they are loved. Bring [...]