Free Health Care Information and Education

Understanding the course, treatment, or the progression of disease often
supports positive decisions about their care plan and the services needed.

The team at CareLink Nursing Services in Toledo, Ohio is engaged in the in-home care of many patients, and we recognize that many families are faced with poor health, disease diagnosis, and challenges with aging.

Financial Guide

Understanding how Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Private Pay affect home care is vital for loved ones. Based on the number of hours of care you require and your current financial status, we will design a financial plan to assist with your home care services.

Medication Safety Guide

As part of any health care plan, it is key to follow medical members or CareLink home health aides, the home health care team caring for the patient must be aware of all medication needs. Tracking information and keeping on a strict schedule of taking medication at proper times and dosages will allow for optimum health.

Alzheimer’s/Dementia Guide

A safe environment is essential in Alzheimer’s/Dementia care. Typical home safety is not enough to keep your loved one secure when challenged by Alzheimer’s or Dementia. Our skilled in-home nursing staff will provide a full home safety assessment and ensure that all dangers are eliminated.

Fall Risk/Safety Guide

Assessing the home for the safety and your loved one for risk of falls is important, not only to reduce the risk of injury but also for your peace of mind. Read our free Fall Risk guide to learn more about identifying risk and reducing the chance of falls in the home.


CareLink Nursing Services in Toledo, Ohio provides patient education and assists in supporting the families of our patients in gaining knowledge about diagnosis and diseases they may be facing. Because there are so many quality resources available, CareLink Nursing Services offers the following information to support you. Contact us today for information about our in-home care, nursing, and therapy services.