Top Coffee Shops To Visit In Sylvania Ohio

Top Coffee Shops To Visit In Sylvania Ohio | Home Health Care Toledo

Sylvania is home to some of the finest coffee in the state as long as you know where to go. For those wanting to dring a big cup of coffee, it’s time to look at all of the top options in town and what makes them special.

1) Dragon’s Roast
Anyone that is looking to pop into downtown Sylvania, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy it in seconds will know it doesn’t get better than Dragon’s Roast. They have perfected the art of coffee and making sure the right cup is made for you as soon as you enter. It is one of those experiences that will blow you away because they are detailed. They want to do a good job and it shows.

Want a cup of coffee that is delicious, fresh, and offers a feeling of home? You are not going to find too many better coffee shops than this one. It does it all and has one of the best settings in town. You will fall in love with the staff because of how professional they are.

3) Chandler Café
The beauty of this coffee shop is in the setting and how tastefully their menu is put together. The food, coffee, and everything in between makes it worthwhile. Most people stay around for hours because of its beautiful setting and how fun it is inside. When looking for a good cup of coffee, this is among the best in town.
You can find a few clips from their fun open mic nights below:

You can check out these coffee shops and visit a few other interesting shops while downtown.

These are the leading coffee shops for a reason and do it all when it comes to offering quality. You are going to be left with a big smile on your face as the coffee hits your tongue. It is one of those experiences that will leave you in awe because of everything Sylvania, Ohio has to offer.